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Phases 15&16 South Pars Gas Industry
Phase 13 South Pars Gas Industry
Phases 22~24 South Pars Gas Industry
Phase 12-EPC/2 South Pars Gas Industry
Phase 12-EPC/3 South Pars Gas Industry
Phase 12-Metering S. Pars Gas Industry
Phase 19 South Pars Gas Industry
Jam Butene-1 Petro Petrochemical
Amir Kabir LDPE Petro Petrochemical
Lavan Refinery Oil Industry
Sarajeh Part-1 , Gas Station Gas Industry
Sarajeh Part-2 , Gas Station Gas Industry
Abadan Refinery Oil Industry
Arya Tinajen Pharma Clean Room
Soha-1Pharma Clean Room
Green BioTech Pharma Clean Room
Atra Daru Pharma Clean Room
Aburayhan Pharma Clean Room
Iran Polymer Institute Clean Room
Hava Faza Industry Clean Room
Chemi Daru Pharma Clean Room
Razi Serum Pharma Clean Room
Ati Farmed Pharma Clean Room
Nano Alvand Clean Room
Zamiad Auto Auto Industry
Saipa Teif Color Auto Industry
Saipa R&D Auto Industry
Mech. Room - Saipa R&D Auto Industry
Pars Khodro L90-Boiler Auto Industry
Pars Khodro L90-Hall Auto Industry
Pars Khodro L90-Paint Auto Industry
Mehrkam Pars Auto Industry
Pars Khodro Assembly Auto Industry
Zamiad Kashan Auto Industry
Pars Khodro Sport Hall Auto Industry
Saipa Behengam Afarin Auto Industry
Pars Khodro Warehouse Auto Industry
Se Nan Bread Factory Industries
Nivea Warehouse Industries
Masspa Factory Industries
Golrang Factory Industries
Kian Winsa Factory Industries
Atrak Paper Factory Industries
Takestan Glas Factory Industries
Tuga Factory Industries
Energy Sakhteman Factory Industries
Siah Bisheh Hydro Plant Power Plant
Shiraz Bu Ali Hospital Hospital
Chamran Hospital Hospital
Hashtgerd Hospital Hospital
Najaf Alhakim Educational
Shiraz Metro HQ Metro
Hyper Me Ekbatan Shopping Center
Mega Mall Ekbatan Shopping Center
IKIA VIP Building Airport
Nobakht Office Office
Mazi Noor Office Office
Hoveyzeh Office Office
Saman Bank Data Center Office
Shahriyar Sabt Office Office
Sa Iran Office Office
Holland Royal Embassy Office
Swiss Embassy Office
IRIB Isfahan Office
IRIB College Tehran Office
Ray Sport Center Office
Bojnurd Office Office
Isfahan Office Office
Tabriz Office Office
Shiraz Office Office
IRIB Yazd Office
Elmo-Sanat R&D Office
Tehran – District 5 Office
Pouneh Complex Residential
Shemiran Building Residential
Roumi Building Residential
Golnar Building Residential
Farabi Building Residential



Address :

 137, Sarv 18th Str. Nassir Abad Industrial Estate,Robat Karim, Saveh Old Road,Tehran






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