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          Modern Technology





                                                In Building Automation


  • Kieback & Peter is one of the pioneers in presenting control system equipment and new solutions for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Building Management Systems (BMS).



  • Founded in 1927 in Berlin, we have more than 90 years’ experience in Building Management and Automation.



  • Around 1400 personnel are working in the headquarter, Research, Development, Production, Sales and Services departments of the company and 50 locations in Germany and other countries.

      Our services are offered to the customers in most countries through our verified trade partners.


  • Our goal is producing high-quality control equipment and intelligent solutions with worldwide standards using new technology.


  • Trust our rich and successful experience in this industry and use our technology and services in Kieback & Peter.




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Bahrekar Automation Co.

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Address :

 137, Sarv 18th Str. Nassir Abad Industrial Estate,Robat Karim, Saveh Old Road,Tehran






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